1. Guys want to be respected.
Yes, men desire to be respected and even admired. This is probably one of the most important needs that guys have. If you give respect, appreciation and admiration to your partner, you will not only reap the reward of happier relationship but also you will give him wings to achieve greatness and success.

2. They need your support.
Often, behind a great man, there is a great woman. Not many people know that this woman was the only person who has ever seen her man’s insecurities, she was the only one who has ever seen him crying, she always was there to help him out, she has never let him down.
Faithful support of loving woman is an important ingredient of man’s success.

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3. Men do care about how you look.
Guys actually do appreciate all the efforts you make in order to look gorgeous for them, even though many men don’t say it very often. Guys love it when you look feminine, when you wear dresses and elegant clothes. They like it when their wife/girlfriend looks amazing and when they catch admiring glances of other people staring at her, it makes them proud.

4. Guys need their personal space as much as you do.
Men, just like ladies do need to spend time on their own, when they can think, analyze things and relax. Therefore, don’t be offended when he doesn’t feel like talking, it doesn’t mean that he is bored by your company. Just provide him with an opportunity to spend some time on his own.

5. They enjoy romance.
The fact that guys enjoy romance, just as much as we girls do, sometimes doesn’t seem very evident. It’s because guys often doubt their ability to be romantic.Therefore, encourage him and give him you appreciation instead of criticizing him.
If you give him more love, he will start taking more initiative to be romantic, bringing you more flowers, making more surprises and given you more attention.

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6. Men too like to look at themselves in the mirror.
Guys too like to look great, they like to dress up nicely and they do like to admire themselves looking in the mirror, there is nothing bad about it.

7. He can’t read your thoughts.
Often, if we girls have something against our partner, we tend to get silent and look offended, thus, trying to make him understand that something is wrong. But the truth is, he won’t understand anything till you just tell him and explain. Life can become easier when you understand that guys can’t read your thoughts, you need to put it all into words.

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