We might think we run the world with our womanly whiles, but that doesn’t mean we always make the best decisions in the bedroom. Here are some common and totally avoidable mistakes than can improve your sex life dramatically.

  • Faking orgasm

It might seem like a kindness to fake an orgasm. If it makes your partner feel better, what’s the problem? First, you’re denying yourself pleasure. Second, if you fake it,  you are giving your partner the wrong impression. The stuff that your partner thinks is working for you isn’t working.

  • Your partner masturbates means they don’t have a good sex life

Your partner masturbates. So what? It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your sex life.
It just means your partner is human. 91% of men under age 70 have masturbated and 76% of women have and likely many more.

Masturbation has benefits too. It relieves stress, helps with PMS pain in women, reduces early ejaculation in men, and may even help you sleep.

  • If you’re preoccupied with how much sex you “should” be having, or how much sex is “normal,” we’ve got good news. There is no ideal, recommended amount. So you can stop worrying about how much sex you think everyone else is having and focus on your own relationship. How much sex will keep you both fulfilled?

That’s what really matters.

  • A lot of women are surprised and maybe even dismayed when their partner doesn’t feel in the mood. Don’t jump to the conclusion that there is some deeper, underlying problem.

You know what it is like not to feel like having sex. He may just be tired or having a bad day. It happens to everyone.

  • If you are unhappy with some aspects of your life, you need to talk about it. But that doesn’t mean you should list every last one of your complaints. Sex is a sensitive topic for everyone, and your partner is likely to feel hurt.

Try to keep the discussion positive. Emphasize whats’s going right and encourage more of that instead of dwelling on what’s wrong.

  • Experimenting sexually will help keep your relationship fresh. Just make clear what your boundaries are beforehand. Some women worry that they will seem inflexible and uptight if they start listing stuff they don’t want to do.

But setting clear guidelines before you get busy is good. You’ll both feel more comfortable and relaxed, and that can lead to better sex.