Women can be a treasure trove of love, care and sacrifice but only for the men they love. Being in love can change a woman like nothing else can. There are some things she will do for no one but the man she loves.

1. Emotional intimacy.
Physical intimacy may come with a few dates, but emotional intimacy can come only with time.
A woman will bare her soul only to the man she loves.

2. She will fight for your love.
Circumstances can often be against young love. Whether it is fighting against family, society or her own internal demons, a woman will do without a second thought for the man she loves.

3. She will care about the people he cares about.
Family, friends or pets- if you love them, your girl loves them just as much! She will leave no stone un-turned to protect and nurture your loved ones and treat them as her own.

4. Show him her vulnerable side.
A woman will share her innermost thoughts and her most vulnerable side only if she loves and trust the guy and knows he won’t hurt her.

5. Introduce him to her family.
Family always comes first and a woman will only introduce a guy to her family, if she ‘s sure he is the one.

6. Change herself for him.
Though this is something a woman shouldn’t do for anyone, many woman do find themselves changing their habits and likes just to mold themselves into the kind of girl their partner wants.
Women will change for no one but the man they love.

7. They will make sacrifices for his happiness.
No one else will get the benefit of her sacrifices apart from the man she loves. She will do anything and give up everything for him just to make him happy.

8. She will forgive his mistakes.
Women have the ability to forgive almost anything and forget all about it, but only for the guy they love. From infidelity to in attention, women have a lot of forgiveness.