Seduction is an art, you must be very careful with what you do because you can throw everything away in a matter of seconds. You should know that women are very thoughtful beings and that is why during a date or a job conversation, they process absolutely everything that happens and what you say.

If you really want to have the woman of your life with you, you should follow these tips, as long as you can maintain your relationship based on love and respect. Otherwise, the advice will be useless. Women are very perceptive when it comes to male intentions, they know everything.

These are the 7 tricks to conquer the woman of your dreams.

  • 1. If you want to make her feel special, do something special.

Think big dinner is not enough, romantic walks can give you the help you need to make your girl die of love for you. It’s never too much when it comes to entertaining a woman.

  • 2. Privacy is sexy.

Privacy gives your girl and you the possibility of dedicating yourselves 100% of attention to each other. A nice dinner in your apartment or on a deserted beach will help you to have your eyes on your girl all the time, without distractions.

  • 3. Tell her how beautiful she is.

Women love that their boy tells them how important and beautiful they are. It makes them feel special and protected.

  • 4. Listen carefully.

Ask her what she thinks, what she likes, what scares her. Give her the opportunity to tell you all the things she wants and enjoy her company. Make your girl feel sincerely valued by you.

  • 5. Stimulate all her senses.

Before your date, create an atmosphere of passion, stimulate all her senses so that your girl feels alive and sensual. You can perfume your apartment, put good music, get a wine worthy of discerning palates and light the place with warm and dim lights.

  • 6. Be patient.

Everything arrives in due time, forcing things will only break the atmosphere of passion that you have created. Sex will not be paramount that night, enjoy what you see without removing her clothes, you will make your girl feel safe and comfortable to do what she wants, at the time she wants.

  • 7. Surprise her.

It is a way of having your girl’s eyes on you constantly, she will not loose her curiosity because for her you will be like a box of surprises. Make symbolic gifts or take her to special places by surprise.

Being a true master of seduction is not so difficult, you just have to understand the feminine mind to make her feel always comfortable with your presence.

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