• 1. She is only interested in your career or salary on the first date and doesn’t care about anything else.
  • 2. You spend so much money on expensive restaurants, high quality dates, and material items for her.
  • 3. She never offer to pay on dates. She just naturally expects you to cover for her at all times.
  • 4. She uses her looks to get things from you.
  • 5. She is consistently relying on you to supply money whenever she wants it.
  • 6. Most of the people she hang out with are gold diggers.
  • 7. You realize that all you both talk about is money and sex.
  • 8. She’s not interested in her career.
  • 9. She is always talking about her problems. Her problems seem unending and because you love her, you do not want to let her down.
  • 10. She is not ready to compromise or make sacrifices for you.

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