We all seek relationship advice at one point or another. Whether we are entering a new relationship or trying to salvage an old one, it’s a safe bet that we basically have no idea what we’re doing. Love is not something that is planned, so most of the time, we just have to go along with it and figure things out for ourselves. Every relationship is different, and every problem calls for a different solution. That being said, there are a bunch of relationship truths that are universal.

  • 1. There must be passion at the beginning.

Not all relationships begin with incredible infatuation. Therefore, it is worth paying attention not only to passion and sparks but also to a sense of security and comfort that you feel (or not) next to a person. For a strong relationship, it is much more important if you can laugh together and trust each other.

  • 2. Having different interest is perfectly normal.

Personal growth in a relationship is vitally important. While there are relationships where couples share common interests, it’s okay to have different interests. Do you like scuba and he likes playing the guitar? No problem. Having different hobbies than your partner will not only make the conversations livelier, it will also make you attractive in your partner’s eyes.

  • 3. Quarrels makes you understand each other better.
Though if you both are fighting all the time, it’s better you both choose your separate paths.
However, if you have a difference of opinion talk it out and sort it, and fight little if it is necessary. I am one of those people who believe that you tend to fight a little more with those people in your life from whom you have a higher expectation because you have allowed them very close to you.
  • 4. It’s not compulsory to love each others family unconditionally.
  • 5. Everybody needs some space at some point in time.

If you think that the partners in happy couples never part, it’s an illusion. Sooner or later, every person wants to spend some time alone. In harmonious unions, partners understand this and calmly give each other personal space. You should never blame yourself for desiring this. Some rest from family duties is necessary. It doesn’t mean that you’ve stopped loving your partner: on the contrary, it helps preserve feelings or even breathe new life into the relationship.

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