Here are 7 signs a guy doesn’t like you.

1. He doesn’t invite you out.
If you know that guy for a while and he still haven’t asked you out on a date, then there is a big chance that he is not into you. Probably, it’s better to forget him and move on…

2. He says that he isn’t ready.
if he told you that he isn’t ready for a relationship, that it’s complicated and he doesn’t want to start a new story, then probably you should give up on hope that sometimes it’s going to work.

3. He never calls you.
If you spend hours, days and maybe even weeks waiting for him to call you, but it never happens, then probably, he is just not interested. It’s time to look the truth in the eye. Stop this waiting game and move on.

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4. You are in the “friends zone”.
If you notice that a guy treats you only as his friend, he never shows any signs of flirting, never tries to charm you anyhow, you never catch him staring at you and he never gives you compliments, then, there is a big probability that he is just not interested.

5. He forgets all the important things about you.
When he forgets important things about you, such as your name, your phone number and your birthday. If your crush tends to forget some essential and important stuff about you and you always need to remind him about it, then, it’s an obvious sign that his thoughts aren’t directed towards you and probably, his heart isn’t yours neither.

6. He doesn’t take initiative to exchange contact information.
If you know a guy for quite a while and he never asked you for your number, nor did he ever propose to give you his, then he definitely doesn’t have plans to meet you again and he leaves it all to the will of chance.
A guy who is in love will do everything it takes in order to meet his favorite girl again.

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7. When he talks about future plans, you are not there.
If you notice that while talking about future plans and events, your crush never mentions you, he never makes you a part of his future in the conversation, then, it’s an obvious sign that his heart is free of feelings and attachments. Therefore, move on, don’t waste your precious time.
If you could recognize some of these signs in the behavior of your crush, then probably, it can make things clearer and help you to avoid relationship problems and it can help you save some emotions, energy and time. Forget him and move on.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to let go of the person, especially, if you are totally in love. But if your crush doesn’t like you, it’s better to move on.

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