Is it even possible that men can have secret fears? They look so strong and decisive! “No way!” is what many women would say. However, this is just another stereotype imposed by society.

Here is a list of 5 things that actually worry most men.

  • 1. Money.

Money is one of those things which lack of usually causes some sleepless nights for men. Standards of this society are dictating that men should be bred as breadwinners. They are responsible for the safety and the economy of their families, and if they fail, that usually means that they fail as men. Also, men see money as a “must have” if they want to have girlfriends. However, love, care, and attention should be much more important than money. And if we are wrong, and if the girl needs money more than your love, she is not worthy of your time.

  • 2. Their body.

Usually, it is the other way round, people think that women are conscious about their body. They are constantly trying to achieve the perfect figure. However, what most people do not know is that the percentage of men sweating out in the gym is greater than women.

  • 3. Height.

Height will always be one of the biggest concerns of men since this feature is one of the main ones which many women are attracted to; although it is not a rule for all. The image of an ideal man says that he should be tall and only if the girls will not take this as such an important way, men probably would not be so afraid. It is not important if someone is short or tall, the heart is what matters in a relationship and everyone should know it that way.

  • 4. He sees other men as a threat.

Men can be jealous, it’s a common trait even though it may not be as obvious as a woman’s but it can be equally fierce. Men see other men in their partner’s lives as a potential threat. It is an affront to their own self-esteem and though your partner won’t flinch or show signs he is anxious when you speak to him about a male colleague, inside, the comparisons are already going on. You’ll have to do your best to show him he’s NO 1 in your life.

  • 5. What they did last night.

Maybe he went to the strip club or maybe he was out late drinking. Whatever the case, men may sometimes be hesitant to tell their partners what they did the night before. But don’t take this information and go sifting through his text messages using his password (that you masterfully figured out) to find out for yourself.

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