One sided love is definitely Heart-breaking, especially if they keep ignoring you after everything you’ve done for him or her. It makes you feel as if you are useless and unable to move on.
However, this won’t matter too much if you know how to deal with this from the beginning. Chances are , you have spent a great deal of your time struggling for the person you admire. And later, you found yourself feeling desperate, useless and uncomfortable knowing your effort has gone in vain.

Well, this isn’t a pleasant feeling at all. Yet more and more people are going to fall into this trap anyway, thinking that they have actually found their lifelong partner. That’s why it’s best to know that realizing you’re in one-sided love gives you invaluable experience.

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Here are some ways to handle things when the person you want doesn’t want you.

1. Understand the rejection.
First of all, you need to make it clear that you’re being rejected. This will naturally make us question ourselves and become more self-conscious. Eventually, it leads to the process of knowing yourself better. It’s better to be wise because there are not many things you can do to change the mind of the person you’re interested in. Chances are, if they are not interested in you right now, the odds are they probably will not be interested in you later.

Always remind yourself that things don’t always work out the way we want.

2. Know yourself better.
You’ll know more about yourself especially if you want to talk it through. You will be able to get the idea of why the relationship doesn’t work. This will help you find a better relationship because you’ve learnt what is wrong in your part and you’ll not make the same mistakes again. Additionally, it also helps to know your strength and weakness when you’re dealing with someone you love.

3. Realize that some people just can’t accept you.
When you express something such as sadness, love, anger and disappointment, there is little to no response from this person. This happens quite a lot and it’s heart-breaking.
The worst thing is that this person will avoid you after knowing your feelings or emotions. In the end, you have to realize that he or she is out of your reach.

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4. Talk to your friend when you feel desperate.
The solution to this hurtful experience is simply to find someone to talk to. A close friend will be great. But it can be anyone as long as they are willing to listen. Sometimes, you may want to keep things to yourself but it isn’t always a good thing to do, especially when it starts to affect your whole life. It will only make you feel more depressed as you cannot channel your anger and desperation.
So it’s better to let it out by talking to someone you can really trust.

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