Too many people judge success by the day–which isn’t realistic, and here’s why.

They set a really big goal, usually something that combines the proficiency of multiple skill sets, each of which would take years to master.

In short: they have failed before they’ve even begun.

That is really just the tip of the iceberg. Here are the real reasons people give up on their goals far too early:


  • 1. They expect fast result.
  • 2. They stop believing in themselves.
  • 3. They get stuck in the past.
  • 4. They dwell on mistakes.
  • 5. They fear the future.
  • 6. They resist change.
  • 7. They give up their power.

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  • 8. They believe in their weaknesses.
  • 9. They feel the world owes them something.
  • 10. They fear failure more than desire success.
  • 11. They never visualize what is possible.
  • 12. They feel they have something to lose.
  • 13. They overwork themselves.
  • 14. They assume their problems are unique.
  • 15. They see failure as the signal to turn back.
  • 16. They feel sorry for themselves.

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