Maintaining a healthy relationship is not an easy thing. There are a lot of efforts and sacrifices that you need to do to achieve that. But once you achieve that, it feels unlike any other in life. Though the parameters of happiness is a bit different from one couple to another, it’s still important to understand the characteristics of a healthy relationship.

Here are the ten signs you’re in a healthy relationship.
1. You can speak your mind freely.
One of the most accurate sign to know whether you are in a healthy relationship is to see the openness between you and your partner. You are supposed to be open with your partner without holding back and vice versa.

2. You make decisions together.
A healthy relationship is fair and balance. Both of you always transparent about anything and will decide something together if there are any issues. By making decisions together, both of you will have the same understanding and you also have each other’s support.

3. You have space to be yourself.
Being together means you have to give your time and effort to the betterment of the relationship. But, you should know that personal space is also important. Surely, you don’t want to be a couple who consume one another by avoiding old hobbies and friends just to be together every single day.
A healthy relationship is when you can value each other personal space and able to be away from each other without insecurities.


4. You fight and make up before nightfall.
Disagreement or sometimes even an intense debate is undeniable in any form of relationship. After all, both of you may hold different values at some point. But it is healthy and necessary to strengthen your bond with him or her. The important part is working through it. If you both care about each other, then it is necessary to forgive each other.
Make sure you both are in good terms before heading to bed.

5. You keep your issues between the two of you.
It is necessary to keep the issues only between you. In fact, there is supposed to be no issues at all once you forgive each other and go out.

6. You trust each other without checking.
Always feeling insecure when your partner is not around is not a good sign in your relationship. Especially when you’ve been together for long enough. In a healthy relationship, you are able to sense their usual behavior and body language. Thus, you should be able to trust your partner, without even the need to check on them.

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7. Your relationship is your safe zone.
You should agree with this. Your relationship is your safe haven. A place where your body and heart belong. A healthy relationship is something that makes you stronger.
No matter how hard a life can be, it is always good to know that there’s still one person in this world who will always be by your side. As long as your partner also feel the same, then you are great.

8. No cheating, no lies, no abuse.
This is pretty obvious, you never feel the need or even have those kind of thoughts because you know that you have everything as long as you have him or her.

9. You know how to make each other laugh, even when it’s hard.
There will be a lot of obstacles here and there. Therefore, making each other laugh with simple jokes could really help.

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