For some reason, you suspect your man is cheating. Maybe you’re worried because it seems to be happening all around you.
Maybe you really have a reason to be suspicious.
After all, if Jude can cheat on Chioma or Tunde on Yemisi, what hope do any of us girls have?

Either way, it’s time to find out once and for all.

1. Visit him at work
Start dropping in on him at work. Use this opportunity to see if your photo is still on his desk, go through his office garbage, maybe sneak a peek at his desk calendar. Are there a lot of lunch dates? Special events after work? Any birthdays you aren’t familiar with?

2. Hug him a lot
When he comes home from work later than he said he would, greet him at the door and give him a great big hug. Smell him for signs of perfume, alcohol, smoke, or sex.
These are all out of the ordinary smells for someone who was supposed to be working.

3. Go through his dirty laundry
You can learn a lot from dirty laundry. It’s almost certain he is cheating if you notice he has new underwear.
If you find he’s thrown out the underwear that’s ripped or have holes in them, It means he’s decided he can’t be seen in them anymore, even by you.

Men never suddenly decide to throw out underwear, even the saggy ones.
Next, give the new underwear a sniff. If they have the fruity smell of personal lubricants, bingo!

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4. Call back
If you get a lot of hang-ups, jot down the numbers and call them back from a payphone. When the person answers, don’t say anything and see if you can recognize their voice.
Hang up so you don’t give away that you’re closing in on them.
Just steel yourself in case the voice you hear is the voice of your best girlfriend.


5. Be a snoop
Go through bags, coat pockets, garbage cans, anyplace you might be able to find a clue that he’s sneaking around behind your back.
You are looking for movie stubs, condom wrappers, or restaurant receipts.

Find out where he’s eating. If it’s far from work and home, he might be eating there because he doesn’t want to get caught.

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6. Analyze your sex life
If you are still having sex with the low-life bottom feeder, be suspicious if he’s suddenly very adventurous and wants to try new tricks in bed.

7. Analyze his spending
When men cheat, they have to start spending money. To become an expert on your finances, if they are not shared, you’re going to have to start snooping through pockets for receipts.

8. Late-night chatting
Does he stay on the computer long after you’ve gone to bed?
He’s probably chatting with her online. And of course, you want to know what he’s saying almost as much you want to know what she’s saying.

You can download software onto the home computer that allows you to monitor remotely what’s being written.
It will even provide reports of websites that he visits and will include online passwords, useful when you’re looking for proof that your partner is a cheater.

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