• The talk about your ex.

One of the biggest things that turn off most guys is when you talk about your ex or, even worse, about your exes. Leave the past behind and focus on the present moment, as well as on what the future holds. Like this, both you and your new partner will be happy.

  • Too needy for love.                       

It’s a very repelling thing for guys when they meet a girl needy for love and kind of desperate for being “in relationship”. Show him that you are a happy person right now and that you are happy in your own company, as well as in his company, then he will want to give you all the love in the world.



  • She is like a open book-no mystery at all.

Guys are attracted by mystery and when you are surrounded by some kind of “enigma”, they always will desire to know more . Don’t tell him every single detail about your life and keep some pages of your book still to be discovered again, especially in the beginning of relationship. Your gentleman definitely will want to explore.

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  • Too much perfume.

Often girls”overdo” it with perfume. He doesn’t need to smell you coming his way when you are still 3 streets away. Be more sophisticated than this, use your perfume sparingly. Never apply perfume more than once a day if you want to be attractive and if you desire to be a real lady. Your gentleman will appreciate your efforts when you know the right measure.

  • Too long finger nails.

It’s actually a very hard work to grow and take care of very long nails, but little do girls know that this is one of the biggest turn offs for guys. If your nails are too long and, even worse, if your nails have sharp ends, the guy can be repelled by this on subconscious level. Guys prefer natural, so keep it simple, never grow your nails too long if you want to be attractive for an opposite gender.

  • She is “to easy”.

Guys are conquerors at heart and when you are too easy, it can become a big turn off. Being too easy in all areas is not for a lady, but neither is it good to go into the territory of being “too hard to get”. Find your balance but don’t be too easy, let your partner conquer your heart.

  • Rude.

When a girl is swearing and is rude, no gentleman will be attracted to this kind of behavior. Learn to always be polite and kind to all people and you will be attractive for everyone.

  • Talking too much.

Guys also have a lot to share and to talk about, so please give them this opportunity. Girls who talk too much often don’t have a second date because excessive talkativeness is definitely repelling. So keep the balance in the conversation.

  • Too much makeup.

Guys love beauty and appreciate all our efforts in this area but when there is too much foundation, bronzer or blush, it’s very noticeable and it can become a huge turn-off. I will suggest you apply your makeup in front of a window looking into a magnifying mirror. Like this, you will be able to create a “work of art” on your face that your gentleman will love.

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