If you desire to be the husband every woman would love to have, here are 9 qualities of a good husband.

1. He should be trustworthy.
The wife must be able to confide in him and also know that he loves her only and not somebody else. Men are very good at dating but when it comes to being a good husband, they more than often fail.
Men who have a sexual experience with many women in the past are less likely to be faithful to their wives.

2. Loyalty is very essential.
A wife can never share her man with another woman and expects her husband to be loyal to her. Often, the husband strays and this causes much tension and friction in the family. Naturally, for a happy family life, both the partners have to be loyal to each other.


3. Sincerity is also very essential.
A woman likes it when her husband showers love on her and make her feel that she is the only woman in his life. He must reciprocate his feelings towards her.

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4. A good husband must be responsible.
He must take care of his family. Provide for the children’s education and health and also ensure that his wife is well taken care of economically and emotionally.

5. Most women respect an upright and honest man.

6. His self-esteem must be high.
He must feel good about himself and then only his wife will also respect him. Women like when when their men work hard and prove that they are successful.

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7. He must be a good listener.
No doubt, a husband has had a hard days work and expects his wife to listen to him. At the same, the wife also had an equally tough time with household chores and children to take care of and would like her husband to listen to her woes. There has to be a give-and-take relationship.

8. Adaptability.
A husband must be able to adapt himself to any given situation. He must be able to devote time towards the upbringing of his children and also pay adequate attention to his wife’s needs.

9. Sensitivity.
A husband who is sensitive towards his wife’s feelings is well appreciated. A wife needs all the emotional and financial support to bring up her children.

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