1. He compliments your physical appearance when he talks to you.
He looks at your body instead of your eyes. He tends to point out about how pretty and hot you are.
It’s like he only cares about how you look, not whats’s on your thought. Instead of making you feel appreciated,his way of complimenting your beauty only makes you uncomfortable.

2. He makes a move without a warn.
You only knew him a few hours and he asks if you have time to hang out with him. It’s quite a fast move. You really need to be aware when someone asks you out suddenly.
A player moves fast and dumps faster. He won’t let his time go to waste.

3. He gets more aggressive when you play hard to get.
You seem to see that he may be a player. You don’t wanna get attached easily, so you act like you are not interested in him. But it doesn’t make him give up. He will act more aggressively to get your attention. You really need to watch out.


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4. He flirts with everyone.
You think that you’re the only one that he’s been hitting on. But actually, he flirts with everyone else.
He won’t let go of any girl he wants before he gets to taste them.
Seriously, if you see a guy like this, just put on your armor. Don’t waste your time to a heartless man.

5. He doesn’t take you to his place.
He ask you out to go have some fun somewhere, but he never takes you to his place.He seems to just wanna have fun, not having a serious relationship.
If this still doesn’t make you suspect that he’s a player, then what will?

6. He doesn’t respect you.
If someone wants to get to know you and get closer to you, he must treat you right. But the way he treats you just has no respect at all. He ask you out but doesn’t think it’s good idea to pick you up.

7. He doesn’t open up about himself.
Every time you have a conversation with him, he doesn’t seem to be honest about who he really is. He only tells something less important, rather than his life and his family.
It feels like he doesn’t want to let you into his life. He only wants to have fun and not think about tomorrow.

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8. He’s always on his phone.
When you’re around him, you often catch him checking his phone. You may think it’s normal since everyone in this global world is addicted to phone and social media. But literally, it can be because he has some other girls he’s been keeping in touch with.
It’s not really easy to tell if it’s true that he fools with everyone, but a player is supposed to be smart enough to keep his game going.

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