It can be hard to determine whether or not someone will be good in bed until you’ve had a firsthand experience. While some people base someone’s sexual abilities on stereotypes and other irrelevant factors, there are some more subtle clues you can look for when you are trying to find out whether or not a woman is good in bed.

Here are 10 signs that a woman will be good in bed.
1. Open-minded.
She’s open minded and she is not afraid to talk about sex unabashedly. She doesn’t treat sex like it’s something dirty that shouldn’t be talked about and she doesn’t flinch when you say the word penis, vagina or intercourse.

2. Driven.
She knows what she wants. She’s extremely driven and focused, and she is not afraid to ask for things. If she takes this approach for other aspects in her life, chances are she won’t be afraid to tell you what she wants from you in the bedroom.

3. Comfort.
She’s good at making you feel comfortable and at ease. You don’t feel like you are constantly under pressure to say all the right things with her, and you can be yourself around her without fear of being judged.

4. Control.
She leaves you wanting more after a hot and heavy make out session. She is not afraid to take the lead and take full control of the pace of things, leaving you pleasantly surprised.


5. Risks.
She likes to take risks and isn’t afraid to try new things. She will likely be the girl who whisks you away into a public bathroom for a quick but not so secretive romp.

6. Dancer.
She’s a good dancer and knows exactly what her best assets are. She literally dances like no one is watching, meaning she’s probably not afraid to have her way with you in the bedroom.

7. Speaking up.
She’s not afraid to speak her mind. She calls people out on their nonsense, so don’t try to get away with only putting in partial effort because she won’t hesitate to point it out.

8. Kiss.
She’s a good kisser and uses the right amount of tongue, spit and nibbles. Her kisses are so good, she makes your hair stand up.

9. Listen.
She’s a good listener which means you can tell her what you want and she will act upon it. Don’t be afraid to ask her what you want!

10. Confidence.
She is confident not only in her looks, but also in her personality. If she’s confident in her daily life, she’ll be confident in bed.

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