Do You Still Love Me?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I want you to understand that nobody will hurt your feelings without a sign.

Why People Finds It Difficult To See The Sign:

Three Reasons:

1. Because we allow our feelings to control our sense of reasoning.

2. We seem to consider how “far” we have been together than how “well” we have dated.

3. Being too emotional in a relationship.

NOTE: Your relationship is subject to make you happy and not sad.

When You Are About Losing your relationship, the following happens:

~ Always getting into unhealthy fight.
~ Your heart sinks when your partner calls.
~ Unnecessary accusations.
~ Being Single again excite you.
~ Difficult to believe you.
~ There is less communication and intimacy.
~ One week one issue.
~ Waiting who to call first .
~ Silence without cause.
~ Begging for care and attention.

Whenever you start noticing the above characteristics in your relationship, it’s either:

(a) Someone is fed up .
(b) Someone is cheating, OR
(c) Someone is pretending.


~ Seat down and talk.
~ It is no more a phone thing.
~Your relationship needs urgent attention.
~ Stop pointing fingers.
~ If it’s not working out, please let go.
~ Stop waiting who will call first.
~ Talk to your counsellor.