Marriage is a serious commitment in a relationship and it requires the right partner that will not disappoint you.
By perfect is not someone with flawless quality but it’s a quality that fits your qualification. Someone who you can accept their flaws and vice versa. Before committing your life into a marriage, consider these awful habits that you can note from your possible partner.

Here are those 11 habits of someone you never want to marry.
1. Frequent lying.
It’s common for people to lie and even children have an innate ability to lie. However some lies from an adult is a completely different thing. They try to hide something from you and hiding the truth is never a good thing. Once found out, the problem can raise and eventually, there is no compromise.


2. Judgmental.
Another problem that requires special attention is someone who like to judge others. Judgmental is a recipe for disaster because it puts a strain on the romantic relationship. You wouldn’t want to marry this kind of person unless you want every movement you make to be judged.

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3. Cheating partner.
Sometimes, we cannot help but accept the fact that the partner’s past is not that pleasing. Some may have cheated because of certain reasons. If she hides it, you definitely don’t want to marry her. If she talks about it, there are two possibilities.
One is that she wants to be truthful and the other is because she is really confident about doing that again.

4. No other relationship.
A normal person has various kinds of relationship such as friendship, family, organization, community, work and many other things. If your partner doesn’t have any of those, there’s something wrong. Although, you shouldn’t look into this seriously unless there are other signs.

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5. Emotional.
Though women tend to be more emotional, you should know that women still can control their emotions well. When they cannot, they definitely have problems dealing with themselves. And sooner or later, you will become the victim of her tantrum. It seems like you are always found guilty no matter what you do.

6. Not independent.
It’s cute to find a woman that need your presence because it makes you useful and dependable. However, it should raise your alarm if this person is too dependent.
It means that she doesn’t have courage and strength to do even the simplest of things by themselves.

7. Mean to children.
The next thing that you should avoid is someone who hates children. There are women out there who like bad mouthing, abusing and being mean to children. You definitely don’t want to make this lady your wife.

8. Jealousy.
We have women with a super jealous tendency. This type of women always want to pursue something better especially in terms of material objects. You don’t want to marry this woman because it carries you on a journey of pursuing money to say the least.

9. Having no goals.
You don’t want to marry a woman that has no hope at all. If she’s confused on what her future wants to be, you should prevent yourself from falling into this trap.

10. No compromises.
A woman or a man who cannot accept who you are is just troublesome. The reason is just that you need to deal with the bad things that cannot be changed. A relationship is a compromise between each other. It builds chemistry, intimacy and emotional connection.

11. Women who break promises.
Breaking promises means irresponsibility. You don’t want to marry such a woman because she doesn’t really want to have responsibility after committing to the marriage.

These are the 11 habits of someone you never want to marry. Please share your thoughts and experience in the comments section below.