When a guy likes a girl, he start using some words that shows he is into her.
Here are 20 things guys say when they like you.

1. Do you come here often?

2. You are beautiful

3. We should hang out more often

4. Can i buy you a drink?

5. I wish my girlfriend was more like you

6. I have never met anyone like you before

7. You make me laugh

8. I like what you are wearing

9. I feel like we understand each other

10. We should go for a drink sometime


11. What’s your number?

12. Let’s study together

13. He asks “with whom are you talking for so long?”

14. He says “Because i care for you”

15. What’s your star sign?

16. What music are you into?

17. Are you seeing anyone?

18. You are different than other girls

19. He says that you were in his dreams last night

20. He regularly says he missed you