All men have a weak side. And although they try to deny it, there are certain things, or better-said behaviors that they can not stand. They can hurt them, as well as renege on anger.
If you recognize any, it’s time to change the attitude a bit.

1. Useless
There is nothing that upsets a man more than feeling useless.
Anxiety and panic take over them when they feel that their partner can do everything alone, without needing them to be there.

2. When you are not present on their important dates
Although he always tells you: “If you’re busy, you do not need to go”… Lie.
His graduation, birthday, celebration for whatever it is, it is still special for him and the fact that you go shows that it is important also for you.


3. Forgetting to introduce him
You should never stop introducing him and with good reason, if he is your partner. Show him how important and proud you are that he is your companion.

4. That you do not know how to apologize
Men like to admire, that makes them fall in love.
Mostly they are the ones who apologize in relationships, but if his partner does, he will recognize your courage to acknowledge your mistakes.

5. Lack of money
The man feels the responsibility of being the economic support of the family.  The lack of money can lead to a stress picture.
Make him feel your unconditional and more than emotional support, help him find new ‘job offers’.
Men like realities accompanied by feelings.