1822497_XL.jpgThe theory that sexual positions can influence a baby’s gender is based on the believe that sperm have different characteristics, depending on whether they carry male(Y) or female(X) chromosome.
Apparently, sperm that carry male chromosomes swim faster, but their female chromosome-carrying counter parts have better stamina, allowing them to travel further in search of the egg.
Following this logic, couples are more likely to have a baby boy in sexual positions that allow deep penetration, because the short distance to the cervix favors fast-swimming sperm cells.

Meanwhile, sex with shallow penetration improve the odds of making a baby girl because it will force the sperm cells to travel further to reach the egg decreasing the chances of survival for male chromosome-carrying sperm. Although there is a lack of scientific study to back up this theory, there is more than enough anecdotal evidence to make hopeful couples think that there could be something to this after all.
If you and your partner are just dying to have a pink-wrapped bundle of joy, continue reading how to choose sex positions to conceive a girl.

1. Missionary.
This position may have a reputation of being vanilla and old-fashioned, but it is one of the best positions to promote the conception of a baby girl. A lot of couples find missionary boring as it limits the depth of penetration but in this case, that’s exactly what you want.
And remember how the woman is supposed to keep her legs up in the air for a few minutes after sex? Well, you can skip all that, because sperm carrying the X chromosome can remain viable for up to five days inside the vaginal canal.


Letting those swimmers take the long way up is like holding on elimination round for fast but short-lived Y chromosome contenders.

2. Cowgirl: On top and in control.
If the missionary position becomes too boring or your man needs to take a breadth without pausing play, switch it up to cowgirl. Have your partner lie down or sit up while you straddle him. Since the woman is the one who controls the depth of penetration here, some coordination is needed.
Your partner needs to warn you when when he is ready to orgasm so you can make sure he ejaculates as close to the opening of the vagina as possible.


3. Spoons in a drawer.
Spooning isn’t just for cuddling, at least not when you’re aiming to have a baby girl. Lie on your side with your legs curled as close to your chest as possible and have your partner enter you from behind.


This position isn’t a favorite with most couples because it only allows very shallow penetration(unless your partner is unusually endowed), but again that’s precisely what the doctor ordered.

Aside from following these sex guide on how to choose sex positions to conceive a girl, you can help encourage the process by creating a more acidic environment inside your vagina canal because Y chromosome sperm is much more likely to survive within an alkaline environment as they are less hardy than X chromosome sperm.
Moreover, you might want to consider foregoing female orgasms during intercourse as it creates an alkaline environment. For the same reason, minimize your consumption of salt and potassium.

Finally, timing is also a factor.
Girl-making sperm can survive for up to five days inside the woman’s body while boy-making swimmers can only make it for half that time. So if you have intercourse two to three days before ovulation, you can practically guaranty that the only survivors hanging around to fertilize the egg will be X-carrying sperm cells.