You might have a crush on someone and be wondering if they feel the same way you feel about them.
Here are signs your crush likes you just as much as you like him or her.

1. He/she comfortably shares secrets with you even if you are not best friends, then it could be a sign that he/she likes you.

2. He/she changes mood when you hang out with someone else.

3. He/she knows details you never told him/her.

4. He/she answers you immediately. Texts, calls, whatever they are.

5. He/she asks for your contact details.

6. He/she is interested to know more about you.

7. He/she makes eye contact. Gazing into your eyes to see if you like him/her too.

8. He/she finds reasons to talk to you. No matter when, where and for how long he/she will do it.

9. He/she will like to touch you. Just a small touch, hug, here and there.

10. He/she is always willing to help you.

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