At the beginning of a relationship, people do not usually notice the shortcomings of their partner. That’s because they are just getting to know each other, but with the passage of time, that will change and you’ll start to notice your boyfriend’s flaws.

Well that does not matter because in the end nobody is perfect, the bad thing is when those negative aspects are signs that your lover is an immature man and that instead of helping you grow as a human being is affecting your development.
But how to know how to recognize those signals? Simple, just look if your partner has the following characteristics.

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1. He gets upset when you say no to some propositions.
If your partner is angry because he wants to go dancing, but you can not because it is the birthday of one of your brothers, it is a clear sign of immaturity. And he must understand that even if you love him, your family is important also.


2. He has difficulty admitting his mistakes.
Is apologizing very difficult for him? Although it is not your fault, but you take the first step?
Be careful because it is a sign of immaturity.

3. Each time you fight, delete the photos of you in social networks.
When you argue, all your friends find out because he delete all the pictures of both of you and changes his profile status.

4. Gets angry when you do not answer his calls or messages.
If he calls you and you do not answer instantly, he gets angry and might even assume you are with another man. In fact, he does not care if you tell him you’re in a meeting.

5. When he has a problem, he wants you to solve it.
If he goes through a difficult situation, he ask you to talk to those involved. The first time you help him, but doing it always does not say anything good about him.