Below are some issues that you may not have thought about, but you must, before committing to someone. None of these should be seen as deal-breakers. After all, love itself (and even commitment) can provide motivation to work through virtually anything.


1. Are you growing together or apart?

2. Do you share the same core values?

3. Do you support his or her passions?

4. Is he/she a good person?

5. Are you attracted to him/her?

6. Will you take care of your partner when he/she is sick?

7. Does he/she back you up?

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8. Do you feel lucky to have him/her in your life?

9. Do you fully accept each other flaws and all?

10. Will you comfort your partner when he or she cries?

11. Does the relationship make you happy?

12. Are you willing to look past her mistakes?

13. Does he/she let you be yourself?

14. What does the future hold?

15. Do you feel happy when you wake up next to each other?

16. Do you love him/her and are you willing to make sure the love sticks around?

17. Will you stick it out through the tough times?

18. Are you willing to be the best version of yourself?

19. What could be doing better?

20. Does he/she make you better or worse?