Do you want to be that pretty woman that makes any man’s knees tremble? Check these 12 ways to flirt with a man and melt his heart instantly.

Do you want to look cute and make any man melt?
Well, here are 12 tips that you must take into account to achieve this, but before continuing, you must first know that this tactics does not work for all women since it depends on your personality.

That’s why looking cute works better for shy women. If you are not a shy woman, you can try to be a tender, sweet and demure woman.
If you want to look cute and make a man melt, use these 12 tips and adapt them to your personality. They will work wonders in a short time, and you will become a kinder and lovelier person as soon as you put them into practice.

1. Do not try to look sexy
Do not behave in a sexy way if you want to look cute. The beautiful ones are fragile and nervous. The sexy requires confidence. Those two do not mix very well.


2. The pastry shades
Avoid daring colors in your wardrobe, unless they are colors that blend well with other, more subtle colors. Pastry colors are softer to the eye and will make you look delicate and tender.

3. Play with your hair when you talk to him
Run your fingers between your curls or caress your hair, especially when you are thinking or deciding something. You can also place a lock of your hair behind your ear when you feel uncomfortable.

4. Delicate makeup
Wearing a lot of makeup makes you look sexy and glamorous, but you’re not trying to be a seductress, so avoid heavy makeup. Use subtle colors and clear shadows that accentuate your innocence.

5. Speak in a soft voice
Do not speak out loud when you talk to the man you like. Instead, speak in a soft, low tone, and smile each time you say something.

6. Be fun
Always see the positive side of life. Be happy and you will have a happy and positive face that will attract people’s attention.

7. Smile pretty
A woman who smiles always seems to be warmer and more accessible than cocky women.

Smile a lot and you will look pretty. You can also frown your nose or make some other sweet gesture(look yourself in the mirror and perfect your smile).

8. Learn to blush
Instead of hitting a man on the arm, or shrugging shoulders, smile shyly when you receive a compliment instead of ignoring it.

9. Do not master the conversation
A pretty woman is pretty shy. Maybe you are smart and cunning, but let the conversation flow and let the man be the one to ask the questions and lead the conversation.

10. Be subtle
Although shy woman can intimidate a man at the beginning because he will not know what to talk about, he will feel more comfortable when they spend a few minutes talking.
The more comfortable you make a man feel, the more he will fall in love with you.

11. Be shy
Do not try to be bold  all the time. If you are naturally shy, it will be easier for you to see yourself pretty all the time.

12. Be naughty
Pull his leg and laugh a little when you’re talking to your man. You will look beautiful.