Everyone has either been in a relationship or would someday be in a relationship. Relationships can be difficult.

Some relationships can cause financial difficulties, physical trauma, emotional stress and other negative things while a good and healthy relationship can enhance your life in great ways.


Nobody is perfect, even most relationships fail no matter how hard we try to make them work because the relationship lacks the most important qualities that makes a relationship work.

The important qualities are:-

  • Good communication.

We receive the thoughts, opinions and feelings of another person through communication. Communication is very important in a relationship because communication determines how two people will connect.

It is instrumental in keeping the relationship alive and its the first thing to go wrong when the relationship between two people start failing.

  • Respect.

Men often take women for granted. Once we have gotten our price and the chase is over, it can be easy to forget about our partner’s needs and feelings, and we no longer value and respect them like we once did.

In a relationship, it is important to value your partner’s feelings and opinion otherwise, your relationship will not thrive.

Respect your partner with your words and actions.

  • Honesty and openness.

There will be no healthy and long-lasting relationship if you can’t be honest and open to your partner.
Lies and deceit only breed mistrust. Honesty strengthens relationships.

When you are open and honest, your partner will really trust you but when honesty is broken, trust is broken.

  • A willingness to change.

Majority of successful relationships happened has a result of both parties being willing to initiate change.

When couple accept their weakness, then they will become a perfect match for each other.

The willingness to change makes you work towards making the relationship work and this will  make you more committed to the relationship.

  • Unconditional support.

Unconditional support is one of the most outstanding qualities of a good relationship.

A Selfish partner will not be able to bring anything tangible to the table for their partner.
Lend a listening hear when your partner needs one and always do your best to support your partner.

Without these qualities, your relationship is bound to break apart at some point.

There are many qualities of a good relationship but the above will ensure that your relationship works.