If you are in search of better ways to show your man some love, then you are at the right place. Who says men cannot be seduced by romantic words?
Words are powerful and they have their own share of influence on men just the same way the looks of a woman has it’s way with them.
Here are 20 romantic messages to text to your boyfriend to make him love you more.

1. I keep wondering why i’m smiling and then i remember it’s because of you.
2. Hoping you’re having a good day at work.
3. My heartbeats are very fast when you come closer to me.
4. Every day, i fall more and more in love with you.
5. I meet you every night with my colorful dreams.

6. I miss your cute smile.

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7. I feel very lucky to have you as my boyfriend.
8. I’m going to rub your back when you get home from work today.
9. Thank you so much for coming in my life.
10. I love the way you kiss and hug me.
11. I want to spend my whole life in your arms.

12. I can’t explain how much happy i am.

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13. I dream of you every night.
14. Come to me and hold me.
15. If i can’t be with you, i don’t want to be with anyone else.
16. I can do anything to make you smile.
17. Value of a relationship is not how much you feel happy with someone, but it is how much one feels lonely without you.
18. Perhaps i have done something very good to someone, that is why God bless me with your love.
19. I want to thank God for sending you into my life.

20. Seeing a sweet smile on your face makes me forget about all my worries.

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