To be a good listener is one of the best attributes a person could possibly have. Listening and hearing what people are saying actually makes you powerful. Some people think they gain power by talking too much and monopolizing conversation but over-talking and under-listening, really just denotes insecurity and a lack of confidence.

Intelligent people are interesting and worthy of respect. They don’t feel the need to prove it by gabbing constantly. That knowledge comes with a silent calmness. Those who talk a lot do so because they actually need to compensate for something.

So consider listening more and talk less in your relationship. You only gain new information by listening to others.


Here are ways to be a better listener in your relationship.

  • Wait until the end

Don’t reply when someone is talking but keep your mind open to taking in everything they have to say until they are done talking before you think of a response. Then you can answer everything they said.

  • You don’t always need to answer

You should acknowledge that they have spoken but you don’t always need to answer someone.
You should note that you can’t always solve peoples problem. Sometimes people just want to be heard, not helped. If you focus too much on how to help, you might not be listening at all.

  • Ask them what you can do to help

It’s not your job to start looking for ways to help them and sometimes, the person can feel bulldozed when you do that. If it seems like the person wants your help, just ask how you can help.
By asking “How can i help?” shows you are a good listener and you understand that they are in need.

  • Respond 40 percent to what they said and 60 percent to their tone.