Sexual assault is when someone does something sexual to another person, without getting their permission first.

It can include anything from touching someone’s genitals, breast or butt, inserting something into any of their body parts or showing them something sexual when they haven’t given them their explicit consent.

Explicit consent is a clear, voluntary agreement to do something sexual.

A shrug or silent doesn’t count and you can’t give consent if you are feeling threatened or you are drunk or high.


If you get assaulted in any way, first remember it’s not your fault, no matter who you were with, how you were dressed or what you were doing, you have nothing to feel guilty about.

If anyone ever rapes you or hurt you in anyway, get to a hospital fast.

Tell them what happened and they can help you through the steps to prevent illness or pregnancy and get you to the additional support you need.

Most importantly you should tell someone you trust like your mum or school councilor.

You can tell them face to face, over text, on the phone or however you are most comfortable.

It’s normal to feel scared about speaking up especially if you know the abuser but it’s brave to talk about sexual assault or any unwanted sexual behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable.

You will be protecting yourself and other people too.