1. Ikogosi warm spring
It is located in Ekiti State. The resort is an enchanting natural beauty and is blessed with an array of palm trees. It has an accommodation capacity of 91 rooms and 4 restaurants with a swimming pool for visiting tourists.

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The meeting point of a cold and warm spring is the resort’s main attraction.

2. Kajuru Castle
This is located in Kaduna State. Kajuru castle is an exclusive and luxurious total gateway built in an early medieval style of Kajuru village.
This gorgeous architectural masterpiece with breathtaking ambience is set upon elevated peaks with staggering views.
Kajuru Castle is styled in a European and clearly German way with a baronial hall.
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3. Yankari Game Reserve
This is located in Bauch State. The reserve is also home to the famous Wikki Warm springs.
This spring is always 31 degree Celsius all year round regardless of the season.
The reserve enjoys National status and is home to Warthogs, Antelopes, Hippos and the last of Nigeria’s Elephants.
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4. Afi Mountains
Afi Mountains is located in Cross River State. Cross River State Forestry Commission safeguards the mountain and it is also a sanctuary for the Drill Monkey specie only found in parts of Nigeria and Cameroon.
Afi Mountains is a campers dream with open-air camp sites, canopy walks and wooden camp cabins for accommodation.

source: afrotourism.com

5. Obudu Mountain Resort
Obudu Mountain Resort is located in Cross River State in Nigeria.
There are various ways to have a wonderful time at Obudu Hills  from the Jacuzzi down to the cable cars which is one of Africa’s longest cable cars which take you to more beautiful places within the resort.
It is truly a paradise in Nigeria.

source: tripadvisor.com