There are obvious ways to wreck a relationship, whether you and your partner have gotten past the point of no return, or one or both of you are sabotaging it in ways you don’t even know.

1. Keeping quiet
Unless your partner is a mind-rea20190106_145623_0001.pngder, then you have to open up. Otherwise, they’re never going to know what you are feeling until you actually verbalize it. Complaining about your partner to your friend is okay, but if you are venting about your partner instead of to them, how will they ever know what is bugging you?

2. No longer listening
If your mind is elsewhere when your partner is speaking to you, you are showing them zero respect. They deserve better.

3. Sweeping things under the rug
If you let things about your partner slide and don’t talk about or raise concerns, then it’s only going to build resentment.
Like with anything else, it’s never good to bottle up your feelings, so if something is bugging you, it’s better to discuss things now than fight about it later.

4. Getting too comfortable
There is something comforting about being able to just be yourself in front of your partner, but that doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go. And while there is nothing wrong with a night in, you also need to go out too.

Whether it’s a movie, a restaurant, a museum, or even just strolling around hand-in-hand.

5. Slacking on sex
You get to a certain level of familiarity in a relationship but that doesn’t mean it has to fizzle out.
It’s normal to not be jumping each other’s bones every time you see each other. But if you’re more roommates than lovers, that’s never good. Maintaining intimacy is vital in a healthy relationship.

6. Passing out on the couch
While this one isn’t sex-related, it is tied to a couple’s intimacy issues. While falling asleep in front of the TV doesn’t seem like a big deal, if that couch becomes a replacement for your bed, that’s a bad sign.

Sleeping together might be annoying what with all the snoring, blanket stealing.
A physical distance, even one that’s unintentional can have bad effects on a relationship.

7. Assuming they will always be there
If you start taking your partner for granted, they might look elsewhere to get the attention they’re missing at home.

8. Forgetting those special days
Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, a promotion,  or some other milestone that’s worthy of recognition, find a way to celebrate together.

9. Focusing on the negative
It’s always easier to see the cons instead of the pros. But focusing on the bad and not acknowledging the good would be detrimental to any relationship.

10. Fighting dirty
You don’t always have to convey your thoughts and opinions in a quiet, healthy way. Sometimes heated discussions, arguments and fights happen. It’s when things take a turn and insults are uttered that can’t be taken back when it can all fall apart.