If a guy has these habits, you should marry him.

1. He knows about all your favorite food.
If he knows what you like to eat, be it your coffee order, your favorite ice cream flavor or your favorite pasta place, it means that he pays attention to the little details about you and care about your likes and dislikes.

2. He lets you know where he is.
He lets you know where he is with a quick text saying when he is leaving work or if he’ll be home late or going to friend’s party. If he tells you his whereabout when he is busy somewhere, so you do not worry unnecessarily or just to check up on you, that shows that he is responsible and you are always at the back of his mind.


3. He takes care of you.
Let it be picking your dry cleaning, getting you an aspirin when you have headache or making you ginger tea when you’re down with cold. It shows that he is concerned about you and in the future if something big happens, he will most likely take care of you.

4. He calls you first when something important happens.
Be it he qualified for a promotion or he found his favorite candy flavor that had been discontinued, if you are the first person he calls to give the news to, it means he prioritizes you and want to share anything good that happens to him with you.

5. He is nice to kids/Kids seem to love him.
They run to him whenever he is around. They are happy around him and he is happy around them. Kids are often good judges of people. If they like him, it is clear he is a keeper.

6. He’s never too busy for you.
He makes it a point to spend quality time with you no matter how tight his schedule is.

7. He always respond to your texts and calls.
He acts like a responsible adult and never leaves you on ‘read or ignores your calls. If he’s busy, he lets you know he is busy and will get back to you as soon as he gets the chance.

8. He gives you personalized and well thought out birthday gifts.
He reminds you of how much you mean to him by giving you personalized presents instead of just buying you something expensive. Example include a signed copy of your favorite book or concert ticket to your favorite band. Its the little things that count.