You want to bring romance back in your relationship?
Fix these damaging daily habits for a happy and healthy partnership. Keeping romance alive is an everyday job. Being in a long-term relationship doesn’t mean you get to wake up with a box of chocolate for breakfast and walk on the rainbows with your partner.

Keeping romance alive is hard work, when you have got used to each other’s company and found your comfort zone in the relationship. But it’s not hard enough to push your boundaries to make your partner feel special everyday.
All it takes is for both of you to fix these 7 little daily habits that are potential romance killers in every long-term relationship.

1. Being hooked on your phone when together.
Sure it’s tempting for you to unwind after a long day and scroll through your social media accounts, or stay glued to mobile games but if your partner is by your side, waiting for you to be available to them and you are busy in your own virtual world instead, it shows disrespect. This behaviour when repeated everyday, kills the connection and romance between you two.

2. Talking about work all the time.
We understand that one of the amazing things about being in a long-term relationship is that you can share the things that concern you. But if you tend to bring your work worries at home and constantly talk about how horrible your manager is with you or how your colleagues are going behind your back , it will add stress to your relationship. And romance doesn’t strive on stress.


3. Keeping score.
So he flirted with that hot girl for 5 minutes at that party a year back or she forgot to wish your mom on her last birthday, and now you wouldn’t miss a chance to give it back to them.
Being in a relationship is not a wrestling match. Stop keeping score.

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4. Bickering over small things.
On the same note, stop complaining about every little thing that your partner didn’t do your way.
I am not saying fighting and arguing with your partner is unhealthy, this leads to further tension in the relationship.

5. Setting unrealistic expectations.
In this age of social media frenzy, we tend to be swayed by unrealistic expectations of how couple relationships should be. If your BFF’S partner has surprised her with a hot balloon ride on valentine’s day, or the couple next door is going on their second honeymoon, it makes no sense to compare your relationship with theirs and get fussy about not having as much excitement in your companionship. It makes your partner feel that they are failing to make you happy.

6. Not spending anytime apart.
It’s important to have your personal social circle outside of your relationship. It’s great to spend quality time with your partner, but when you spend too much time together, you tend to bring unnecessary strain in the relationship, because you will need their attention all the time.
Little breathing space in the relationship helps romance to stay alive.

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7. Expecting too much, giving too little.
It’s normal to have expectations from the relationship, but focusing too much on what you want your partner to do for you and little on what you should do for them to make them feel valued and special kills the romance in a big way.
If you expect your partner to be available for skype call every evening when you are travelling for work, yet you forgot to bring something special for them when coming back, it makes the other person feel undervalued.

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