There are wounds that never appear on the body that hurt more than anything that bleeds.Emotional abuse is as bad as physical abuse, if not worse. Just because a person doesn’t put their hands on you doesn’t mean they are not abusive.
Abuse is control. Abuse is disrespect. Abuse is internal pain. Don’t settle for emotional abuse thinking it’s ok just because it’s not physical. If you’re afraid of your partner when they are angry, if you are afraid of how they will react if you disrespect them, if you are afraid of what their response or reaction will be to you doing something or showing an interest in something , you are already experiencing emotional abuse.

Sometimes we want to be loved so badly that we can’t even tell that it’s not love and if the wounds on peoples heart and the bruises on the soul were translated onto their skin, we wouldn’t even recognize them.
Being alone may scare you, but being in a bad relationship will scar you. You don’t let go of a bad relationship because you stop caring about them, you let go because you started caring about yourself.

It’s better to break your own heart by leaving rather than have someone else break your heart everyday while you stay with them. And remember, the prob;em is that we want to be loved so badly that we can’t even tell that it’s not really love.

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