We all know how the story goes. He asked her, “will you marry me?” She said “yes!”
We get excited about our wedding day, but forget about what it means to be in a marriage.
The definition of a wedding is “A ceremony usually with it’s accompanying festivities.” while the definition of a marriage is “the state of being united as spouses in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law.”
Which one are we prepared for?
We want to have incredible weddings, but we also want to build incredible marriages. We invest in wedding planners, but we don’t have marriage mentors. How much stronger would our marriages be if we invested our time and energy on learning, growing together, getting guidance and advice? Weddings need planning, Marriages require commitment. Weddings need organization, Marriages require adaptability. Weddings need a date, Marriages require lifetime. Weddings need a guest list, Marriages require a community. Weddings need a set of vows, Marriages require consistent gratitude. Weddings need a wedding outfit, Marriages require complete transparency. Weddings need a promise, Marriages require practicality. Weddings need word, Marriages require action.

We all want to have a marriage more beautiful than our wedding, but invest the other way around. Its better to have a small wedding and a big marriage than to have a big wedding and a small marriage. we are ready to walk down the aisle but are we ready to walk a thousand miles? We can all have an amazing day but not at the expense of an amazing life.

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