They say love never dies a natural death. Here are some of the suspects-

1. Love dies because of unrealistic expectations.
We hear that “love is blind”, but actually it’s the opposite. It’s an amplified vision of what a relationship should be. Remember all those movies, novels and songs present a over romanticized version of one dimensional perspective. Unrealistic expectations are hard to live up to and hard to live by.

2. Love dies because it wasn’t built on a solid foundation.
Often our foundations are built on self-doubt, dishonesty and low self-esteem. A relationship simply built on infatuation and attraction is bound to die.

3. Love dies because it was never really love to begin with.
It’s often because of a lack of communication, a lack of trust because of betrayal. Trust is an expensive gift and we can never expect it from cheap people.

4. Love dies because of fear.
It’s normal to be scared of losing your partner, but in the process of being scared of losing your partner you end up doing irrational things trying to keep them close. We get so fixated, so focused on that person who created all of those feelings and emotions of pain in the moment our love died, but we miss the lessons. The lessons that are a fear. The lessons that are there of betrayal. The lessons that are there of miscommunication.

If your love died, find your answer in these. It will even give you closure that the person may not be able to provide. More importantly, it will give you the courage to get up and step forward.