Here are ten things you can do to surprise your Boyfriend.

1. Leave him love notes all around the place.

2. Get him something from childhood such as what he used to eat or drink in his childhood or even his favorite childhood toy.

3. Find the movie he hasn’t watched and he is always saying he needs to watch it.

4. Call some of his best friends or even friends and relatives who he likes to hang out with but hasn’t seen in a long time.

5. Find a Caricaturist who can draw the two of you on something like your favorite mugs.

6. Fill up the bathtub with warm water, make many bubbles and light up the candles for him.

7. Show love to him everyday. Share your love and share gifts.
If you feel the need to surprise him with something, then do it.

8. Make some food, get some drinks and when he gets back home, he will be in an instant happy mood.

9. Send him cute sexy messages throughout the day.

10. Give him a massage. A surprise, romantic massage is sure to delight him and help him unwind if he feels stressed out or tired.

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