Do you wonder if he really loves you or you are just a hookup?
Here are 15 signs he is just using you.

1. He never talks about the future.

2. You don’t know anything about each other.

3. He never makes you a priority in his life. He puts you last and make plans with you at the last minute.

4. He turns every conversation into a sexual one.

5. He doesn’t involve you in his daily life. He doesn’t share things with you.

6. His compliments are always about your appearance.

7. He dates others and he hides his phone. He has a double life that is very private.

8. He won’t add you on social media.

9. He is open about the fact that he is seeing other people.

10. He pressures you into having sex.

11. He usually won’t take you to dinner or anywhere if there’s no possibility of hooking up afterwards.

12. He never introduces you to his friends or family.

13. He will do the disappearing act. You’ll start to wonder where he went, what he’s up to or if he’s even interested anymore.

14. He will usually only contact you late at night. He will want to be spontaneous, make last minute plans, late night calls and all of the above whenever it’s convenient for him.

15. He uses the word “fun” as in “I’m looking for someone i can have fun with”.

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