Here are ten reasons why guys choose bad girls first.

1. Bad girls are smart. They are most times beautiful ladies who are fashionable and pull attraction everywhere they step into.
2. Bad girls offer a fun, unique challenge.
3. Men love danger, though most times, they prefer to look at it from a distance. Bad girls have these dangerous streak and this makes them very attractive.
4. Good seems easy to them, while bad seems more like a challenge and men love challenges.
5. Men like the uncertainty.
6. The bad girl seems flighty and just as afraid of commitment as he is.
7. Bad girls are exciting.
8. Some men like women they have a difficult time figuring out. Bad girls are secretive and elusive. They are hard to catch and almost impossible to keep.
9. They seem to explore always and know how to please their men.
10. Bad girls are often seen as being experienced when it comes to love relationships.