In the early stages of a relationship, people test their partner to know their weakness and see if they are a suitable fit. Sometimes this is done in more obvious ways but that is not always the case. Evolutionarily in the animal kingdom, females test the males to see if they can provide and protect them against threats.
Humans are not so different in this sense.
Here is a list of ways women test their partners.

1. They test his courage.
Historically speaking, women sought strong mates for themselves. They look for someone who could protect them and provide for the family. Nowadays, women are independent and strong too, but are still drawn to courage. For most women, courage is not only a display of physical strength but more importantly, emotional strength.
This means that their partner is not afraid to fight for them and won’t run away when conflict arises.

2. They test his loyalty.
Studies have shown that women are more affected by emotional infidelity rather than other infidelities. For men the opposite is true. She may ask her partner what he think about another girl to see if he is content with the relationship. Women are usually more intuitive than men and can tell when men are disloyal to them.

3. They test his patience.
Women sometimes play hard to get to see how serious men are. She will not answer your calls or texts right away, to see how he will react to the situation.Women appreciate it when a man is patient and can keep his cool. Those who easily get angered by the slightest things are big turnoffs.

4. They test his memory.
A man with a good memory is hard to come by. Girls like it when their guy remembers details and stories she has shared with him about her life. This is a sign that he is present and actually listening actively and it makes her feel important.

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5. They test his problem solving skills.
Arguments are bound to come by in every relationship, but women want a partner who knows how to move past the conflict. When conflict arises, this is a man’s chance to show her how committed he is to solving problems together. This means that he is willing to compromise and knows when to admit he is wrong.

6. They test his defense mechanism.
She will tease you to be playful but also to see if you will get offended or defensive about it. A woman likes a man who can laugh at himself and doesn’t care too much about what other people think. Women appreciate men who are sensitive but not hypersensitive.

7. They test his priority management skills.
Women admire men who have their life together. He has a good job but is not a workaholic and still has room to relax and spend time with her. Men who are able to set their priorities straight make great partners because they have some structure in their lives. Choosing to make her a priority is one way he treats her well and she will appreciate it.