Here are 15 things every woman should realize about men.

1. You can’t change him.

2. He wants you to seduce him.

3. He notices when you don’t wear the jewelry he bought you.

4. He wants you to need him.

5. He wants you by his side.

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6. He knows when you are lying to him.

7. He wants you to like what he likes.

8. You need to tell him exactly what he wants.

9. You should never flirt with his friends.

10. He needs to lean on you sometimes.

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11. You shouldn’t take it personally when he checks out other women.

12. He wants to be the best lover you’ve ever had.

13. He wants you to expose him to new things.

14. If he cheats on you once, he will do it again.

15. Sometimes you have to let things go.