Although some bad habits may seem minor, overtime they can really add up and damage the relationship. Often, people underestimate how damaging these seemingly silly habits can be. If you are guilty of any of these relationship habits, make changes to help nurture and grow your relationship instead of damaging it.
1. Nagging too much.
Many studies have pointed to nagging as being the number one factor that makes men dissatisfied with their relationships. Remember that your partner doesn’t have to do things according to your time line and nagging will only make the situation worse.

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2. Not taking care of yourself.
You aren’t going to be a good partner unless you take care of yourself. The best partner are people who care for their emotional, physical and spiritual health. Take care of yourself so you can give to your relationship.
3. Taking your partner for granted.
The longer you have been together,  the easier it can be to take your partner for granted. Take time to appreciate your partner everyday so that you don’t overlook how fortunate you are.
4. Half – listening.
It can be easy to nod your head or say you agree to something without ever really hearing what your partner said. Half – listening to what your partner is saying is one of those relationship habit that can lead to a lot of problems. Work on your communication so you can truly listen to what your partner has to say.
5. Avoiding discussion about problems.
Ignoring problems won’t make them disappear. In fact, many problems get worse when you don’t address them. Don’t avoid your relationship problems. Instead, be willing to tackle them in an adult manner.
6. Not being assertive.
Pretending to agree with your partner when you don’t isn’t healthy. It can lead to anger and resentment over time. Speak up and share your feelings in a respectful manner.
7. Testing your partners loyalty.
Don’t test your partners loyalty. It will likely backfire overtime. Instead, focus on your own loyalty towards your partner.

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8. Complaining about your partner.
Don’t call your mother or your best friend to complain about your partner. If you are upset or don’t like your partner’s behaviour, talk to your partner directly.
9. Not balancing friend and family time.
Spending time with friend and family is part of being a well – balanced person. However, if you spend too much time with others, you could neglect your relationship.
Strive to find just the right balance and it will help keep your relationship fresh and exciting.
10. Using the silent treatment.
The silent treatment is a passive – aggressive tactics that can harm your relationship. It is often about control and not about trying to calm down.
Learn how to address your issues in a more productive manner.