Creating magical moment in your relationship is something everyone thinks about but few people do. Perhaps it’s because they actually can’t think of exactly what to do.
Here are 9 acts of love that you can do with and for your partner to bring a little more romance into your relationship. 
1. Make your morning time special by bringing your partner a cup of coffee while he or she is still in bed. If you are willing and able, you can also serve them breakfast in bed. It will make your partner feel cherished and the kindness will be returned. 
2. Make the time at the end of the work – day when you first see one another extra special by given each other ten seconds hug and kiss.
You will both feel more deeply connected throughout the evening. Also, remember to touch your partner affectionately throughout the day, not just when you want to be romantic.

3. Make time to make – time.
Plan a romantic rendezvous during the week. You can get a room at a local hotel or plan to have the house all to yourselves. Just the anticipation of being together in this way will add spark to your romantic life.
4. Whenever you can, take the time to give your partner 100% of your attention when they want to talk to you. Stop whatever you are doing, face your partner and say “what would you like to talk about?” It will make your partner feel loved and important to you.
5. Take the time to tell your partner that they look wonderful, beautiful, sexy or great.
6. Before you leave in the morning, tell your partner that you are looking forward to seeing them when you return.
Never leave the house without acknowledging your partner or saying “I love you”.
7. Next time you are shopping alone, get a couple of little “surprise gift” for your partner. The next time he or she is feeling down, give them one of the gifts. This is a wonderful and uplifting act of love and it will be remembered for a very long time.
8. If your partner is having a rough day, offer to take them out or make dinner for them. If they are the one usually doing the cooking, this will be a welcome change and a sign of your appreciation. If they are experiencing stress at work, it will be a great way for them to unwind from a tough day.
9. Get your partner two or more roses.
This one is terribly romantic, so don’t try it unless you are ready for a passionate evening. Take one of the roses and pull of the petals. Drop the petals on the floor leading to the bedroom and place several petals on the bed. Put the other roses in a vase on the nightstand. Your partner will never forget your thoughtfulness.
These ideas are just a help to get you started. Once you get going, more ideas will get to you on their own.