It’s no secret that men are far more likely to cheat on their partners than women are.

Five biggest reasons why men cheat.

  • 1. An ex walked back into the picture.

A lot of time when we are in a rough spot in our relationship, we tend to disqualify the good and when an ex shows up, we remember that spark.

  • 2. He wants out.

She may think the relationship is all peaches and gravy, he may think otherwise and not have the guts to confront her about it. One of the reasons people cheat is because it’s an impetus for change.

  • 3. His needs aren’t being met.

This is not related to sexual needs. It’s something that little things lead to over time. Perhaps another lady complimented a new haircut and his wife hasn’t done that in a while. Maybe it’s been weeks of fighting or maybe it’s been too long since he and his partner shared a laugh. Maybe he feels ignored and neglected. Whatever the reason, there is a deficit in the relationship that reinforced an emotional disconnect. And instead of addressing the problem head on, thoughts drift to “the lady compliments my haircut and my wife does not.

  • 4. Psychopathic tendencies.

Most people don’t wake up with the malicious intent to betray or hurt their partner. Maybe it’s personality disorder or are deeply anti – social or have narcissistic tendencies. Whatever the reason, they need to address it themselves. Until that happens, this man will hurt everyone romantically involved with him.
Run for this type of man.

  • 5. A legitimate sex addition.

In very few instances, there are people who have a legitimate sex addiction. Sex triggers dopamine receptors which is the pleasure center of the brain. And like anything else that triggers dopamine like cocain and heroine, it can be addictive.