Dating is hard. Say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing and he might call it quits. But is the problem that guys are too picky or is it really that we are making mistakes? 
It can be a bit of both but there are definitely gross errors you can commit that would make most guys run mile. Once you know what these are, you can clean up your game and ace the dating scene. And sometimes it’s his problem. You’ve done nothing wrong, he just has his own issues.
Here are 7 reasons why men loose interest in a relationship.
1. He is a commitment phobe.
So things started really well, you two were getting along like a house on fire and you thought you were both in this for a long haul. Then he went distant. He stopped texting as much, barely called and no longer said he misses you. He is definitely cooled. Why?
Is it because of something you did?
Not necessarily and this is actually a sign that you have got a commitment phobe on your hands. Commitment phobe love the chase more than anything else. They thrive on it. They see chasing you as a competition and once they have won your heart, that is it. It’s all over. They can go back to starting all over again and chasing someone else.
The worst thing is that there isn’t really anything you can do to change a commitment phobe.
2. Constant criticism.
Guys have egos you know that. So why the constant criticism that makes him feel inferior? Once a girl makes a guy inferior, it’s pretty much game over. It’s one of the common reasons why men loose interest, so be careful.
3. He is still not over his ex.
He is still not over his ex and never was. He should never have been dating you in the first place! This is not your fault at all. But as hard as you might try to help him overcome his past, this is all on him. Only he can achieve closure and you know what, dating you probably isn’t helping. He needs some time away from the dating scene to heal.
4. Making this way too easy for him.
As already mentioned, guys love to chase the girl. Guys thrive on competition and they love a good challenge. If you make this too easy for him and basically say, “I am yours, take me” after just a few days, it could be the reason why men loose interest.
5. You are too high – maintenance.
You won’t go out today because it’s raining. You take ages to get ready and you want him to constantly spoil you on expensive things. You are basically exhausting him. This might be one of the reasons why he lost interest and gave up.
6. You are demanding.
Look, nobody likes to be told what to do especially guys. But guys know they have things they need to work on and they are willing to listen to your advice. However, bits and pieces of advice here and there are one thing while a bossy demanding attitude is quite another!
If you are constantly demanding too much from him, it could make him loose interest. Remember that although it’s perfectly reasonable to make some demands in a relationship, there is a line that you should try not to cross.