You want to avoid fights, jealousy, rage attacks and even problems of self-esteem in yourself, it is better that in certain circumstances you close your mouth. Remember the saying: “in the closed mouth, no flies come in”

Here are 5 things you should never tell/ask a man.

1. Do you think she is cute?
If you and your boyfriend cross path with a woman known to both of you(friend, classmate, work or whatever) and you notice that he looks at her a lot, never ask him that question. If he says no, you will be angry because you do not believe him and if he says yes, a fit of rage will come. Better to avoid meaningless worries and make sure nothing happened.


2. When do we meet again?
First date with a man you like. You have had a great time, but at the moment of saying goodbye, he still has not hinted at anything for a second meeting. Do you ask him when to meet again?

If he has not told you yet, it’s because he is not convinced so better avoid that uncomfortable moment for you. A man really interested in you will propose it to you.

3. Have you slept with her?
Do not ask your partner about things from the past. So that the ghost of the past and the insecurities that come with them persecute you eternally?

4. Am I fat?
A question that ends in a fight, always. If he says no, you think he said no so you do not feel bad. And if he says yes, self – esteem stays on the floor. Never consult that with your boyfriend. Remember that men are attracted to women who are secure and without complexes.

5. “My ex – boyfriend did the same as you”
We should never make any kind of comparison between the current boyfriend and the ex. Talking about an ex, be it good or bad, means that you are still thinking about him or that you are still disgusted.

That will make him feel in the background. Also, would you like him to compare you with the women of the past? I bet you would hate it.
Undoubtedly, you must be careful with many unnecessary comments or unfortunate questions when you are in front of a man.

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