Do you wonder if a girl is in love with you? When you have fallen for that special girl, it can be difficult to know if she feels the same way.
Girls can be mysterious creatures and sometimes it can be downright impossible to decipher the signs she loves you. While there are plenty of tricks and tips for the ladies about how to find out whether a guy is interested in them, more often than not, guys can feel equally confused.
Here are signs that a woman truly loves you.
  • 1. It’s all in the face.

If you look at her face when you are with her, you will get all sort of information about how she’s feeling. Her eyes, her mouth, the way her forehead creases if she is surprised or anxious or contemplating something. Her different expression will tell you all you need to know. If she stares into your eyes when you talk to her, and if she nods and smile along, it proves that you have got her undivided attention. If you see her looking at you for a long period of time, then it’s probably a sign she loves you.

  • 2. She gives you all her attention.

If a girl is focusing all her attention on you, then she is falling for you hard. Does it feel like you two are the only people in the room when you talk? Does she only look at you, or do her eyes wander? Does she pay attention to everything you say and hang on your every word? If she does, then this is one of the top signs she loves you.

  • 3. She knows all about you.

Does she know exactly how you like your coffee? Why you hate that band? What you are doing tomorrow? If she knows everything about you, it’s because you are the most important thing in her life.

  • 4. General body language.

Looking at her body language can tell you exactly how she feels. This is one of the most important ways you can tell whether or not a woman has fallen for you.

Does she fidget when she’s talking to you? Does she act nervous? These are all signs that you are having a seriously powerful effect on her.

  • 5. She compliments you.

If she showers you with praise and is quickly becoming your biggest fan, it’s likely because she is trying to tell you that she likes you, and more than just a little. Woman pay compliments to show that they are serious about a guy. So if she starts given you lots, it’s her way of saying that she is into you.

  • 6. She can’t keep her hands off you.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that she jumps into bed with you every time she sees you, but she may give you hugs, nuzzle into your neck, and hold your hand every opportunity she gets. If you make her feel loved and appreciated, she will want to be near you all the time.

  • 7. She is asking you lots of questions.

If she want to get to know you better, it’s because she’s interested in finding out whether or not the two of you may be compatible partners. Women feel closer to their partners when they feel that they can understand and know a lot about them. This is a surefire sign that she feels it’s definitely worth her while to get to know you a little closer.

  • 8. You have met her family.

If she feels ready to introduce you to her family, then she is ready to say the big “L” word for sure.

  • 9. She calls just to say hi.

If she text you during the day just to see how you are doing, it’s because she can’t stop thinking about you. Finding out that a girl has fallen for you can be a truly awesome thing. With these 9 signs she loves you, you never need to be uncertain again.