The type of relationships we have today, it’s really easy to get confused and forget about the features that really add value to a relationship. Sometimes it’s difficult to know if a man really loves you or he is only playing games with you.
Here are important tips to help you know if a man really loves you.


1. A man who never push you to do things you do not want.
Someone who truly loves you will always respect your decisions and will never push you to do things that are not for you, that could hurt you or you are not ready for.
2. A man who listen carefully.
He will not only pretend to listen but also will really hear you, understand what you say, what you think and give answers accordingly. Conversations often only become an exchange of words in which you wait for your turn to speak again, but with this person, it will never be like this.
3. He will give you space to develop yourself as a person.
Part of love means never clip the wings of the other person nor take her needed personal space to keep developing as an individual.
4. He will take good care of you.
Perhaps for him to take care of you involves laying next to you and listening to you talking until you feel better, it may be leaving you alone for a weekend while you manage to understand and process what just happened in your life. Whatever it is, whoever loves you will respect it.
5. He will write to you to remind you how much he mises you.
Those little messages “have a nice day” or “Miss you” to remind you that whatever you are, he is still thinking of you and wishing you the best.
6. He will remember you during the day.
It is inevitable, it may not always be evident or he might not always tell you how much he had you in his mind during the day, but if he loves you, he will always remember you during the day.

7. He will love you the way you are.
When someone accept you as you are, with virtues and defects, and does not ask you to change or to do things you would not do, they love you for who you are today and not for what you will be in the future and feel blessed to be at your side. That means he really loves you.

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