If you see any signs that a woman likes you but you are not reading them properly, you might not be making a move and you might be loosing women.
Here are five signs that a woman is into you.

  • 1. When a woman is grooming herself in your presence.

When a woman subconsciously touches are hair and play with it when she sees you approaching or actually during conversation. This can also involve when she is putting her clothes into shape or catching a reflection.

She is basically making sure she looks hot because she finds you attractive. Be aware that if she has no interest, then subconsciously she wouldn’t be thinking about grooming in your presence. That is a sign that she is feeling your vibes and maybe it’s time to make the move.

  • 2. When she is invading your personal space.

As humans, we are very use to having our own room of our personal space and if someone invades it without permission, we tell them immediately. It’s actually very unnatural thing to move too close to another human being. When a woman is doing that to you, they are aware of it and they are subconsciously and consciously doing it on purpose.

  • 3. General body language.

Another sign that a woman is feeling your vibes is through her general body language. If a woman is very open, her hands all over the place and she is touching her hair. That shows she is feeling your vibes. Open, happy and energetic body language always symbolizes some kind of communication which means you should go for it and she could be yours. Also if a lady tends to maintain eye contact for a long time, that is a sure sign she likes you.

  • 4. Responsiveness via text message. 

If a lady is given you one word answers, if she is taking two days to reply your text messages, she is saying she is not interested romantically. So how can you tell if a lady is feeling you via text messages?

If she is replying all the time, if she is using the smiley faces, if she is investing in the conversation and she is replying rapidly. They are definite signs she likes you.

  • 5. General touching or body contact. 

Men always touch women because they are the one’s pursuing women. Our sociological gender role says that men are the one’s trying to take the women the whole time but if a woman does this, it’s very telling.

When a man does it, it’s much more obvious he likes the girl. When a woman likes you, she laughs when you touch her, gives you a hug or patch you in the shoulder.

She doesn’t do that to a man she is not attracted to. Men do it all the time but women do it much more exclusively to men they find attractive and feel comfortable with.